Mmmmmm; chocolate diamonds!

Mmmmmm; chocolate diamonds!

Everyone who knows my husband Robert remotely well, knows he appreciates chocolate.  In fact that’s an understatement…to say Rob “appreciates” chocolates is like saying the Pope has a ‘passing interest’ in religion.  My hubby loves chocolate!  And with Easter fast approaching, it made me wonder exactly what it is about chocolate that makes him so happy?

I did a little research and found out that chocolate is made from the seeds of the tropical tree ‘Theobroma Cacao’.  The Aztecs regarded chocolate as ‘food for the gods’ and Montezuma, the last Aztec ruler, believed it delivered strength, courage and wisdom to all who consumed it.  I’m starting to understand!

Throughout history, various cultures have made chocolate both a staple and a reward.  This is probably due to the fact that a number of substances in chocolate, that I am not even going to try to spell, are clinically proven to be mood enhancers.  Then there’s the huge variety, the taste, the naughtiness of it – well not so much for men – and the aroma and texture of this dark (and sometimes white) delight.

Little wonder Rob gets excited around Easter, not that he reserves his chocolate consumption for this one month. But his love of chocolate doesn’t begin and end with the cocoa derived product.  He has a new love, that I am watching grow by the day, which has almost usurped his love of traditional white diamonds…yes you guessed it, I’m talking about chocolate diamonds.

Thankfully you can’t eat them, because we’d be broke if he could; you can however, wear them in a variety of settings and we’re noticing in the showroom that there are other people just like Robert, who love all things chocolate.

These gloriously flavoured and exquisite diamonds are fast creating a legion of “chocoholics” of their own.  From pale cognacs, to dark cocoa, the range and variety is well….delicious, and they are suited to so many styles and settings.

Easter is traditionally a time for giving and eating chocolate eggs, a practice arising from ancient pagan customs whereby the egg, which symbolizes ‘fertility’ and ‘rebirth’ came to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.  Originally the only eggs given, were the real thing, chicken, not chocolate.  The cocoa came later, but the symbolism remains.

Whether you’re religious or not, Easter is fun, because it makes us think of chocolate, and that in itself, whether it’s something you eat, or something you wear, is cause for celebration.

If you haven’t ever experienced the beauty of a chocolate diamond for yourself, I encourage you to come into our showroom and have a look at the stunning array of jewellery we have showcasing magnificent Argyle diamonds.

Perhaps we can design and make something special for you with a beautiful chocolate diamond?  Just remember, as delicious as it is, you can’t eat it!


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