Gift Guide

Spread joy with the perfect gift from sparkling earrings to elegant necklaces.
These designs are the perfect choice for your special someone.

    STYLE # Pink Sapphire Halo Engagement Ring

    $3,999 Select options

    STYLE # Rainbow sapphire pendant

    $3,500 Add to cart

    STYLE # Curved crown wedding ring

    $2,999 Select options

      STYLE # 6-580 – Life’s Sequence Yellow Gold 17mm

      $1,500 Select options

      STYLE # Amethyst and morganite pendant

      $1,379 Add to cart

      STYLE # Morganite and diamond pendant

      $3,250 Add to cart

      STYLE # Emerald halo drop earrings

      $13,000 Add to cart

        STYLE # 6-578 Life’s Sequence Rose Gold 32mm

        $2,999 Select options
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