What are 
Chocolate Diamonds?

Billions of years ago, kimberlite and lamproite diamond ore pipes were formed due to a combination of intense pressure and heat, and volcanic eruptions pushed them up through the Earth’s surface.

Australian Chocolate Diamonds have been both sourced and selected from the Argyle Mines in Western Australia. As the world’s largest supplier of natural coloured diamonds, the Argyle Mines are renowned for producing elegant champagne and signature pink diamonds.

It is usually understood only by industry experts that the transformation from a rough diamond to a finished product differs greatly. This difference is particularly true when one compares the process to perfect a chocolate diamond compared to that of a white diamond.

There are two basic reasons for this. The first reason is that a chocolate diamond is much harder than a white diamond and therefore the cutting process is much slower.

For instance, generally a white diamond takes around six hours of processing to go from a rough diamond to finished gem. However, in the chocolate series, one laborious stone has taken us over 150 hours of cutting to finish. This stone was a 2ct C6. The second reason is that when cutting a white diamond we are cutting to reduce the colour of the light returned out of the diamond. When people are looking for a white diamond they want it as white as possible of course.

At this stage of its dynamic growth and development, ACD retains a team of 70 dedicated cutters applying all of their skills and craftsmanship to ensure that every stone is precision cut, capturing and bringing to life the true brilliance of your Australian diamond. Australian Chocolate Diamonds are sure to be a stunning statement amongst an array of pieces.
With the confidence of independent grading and absolute integrity that goes into every piece, you will be assured in the knowledge that your diamond has been certified and laser inscribed for added security. My Diamond Story allows your Australian Chocolate Diamond to provide its own genealogy and chain of origin by recording each step of its journey to you.

This even includes the lot number given to the parcel from which it was originally sorted by the Argyle office. These lot numbers give us a guide to the colour, size and also quality of the parcel. This certificate includes the rough weight, the stone’s original weight from the mine before any cutting took place. It also gives you the colour (graded from C1 to C7, where C1 is the lightest through to a deep chocolate colour of C7) as well as the clarity, which follows the GIA grading system of flawless through to I-3 for heavily included diamonds. The Australian Chocolate Diamonds



The Argyle Mine has devised a different color scale specifically to grade Argyle Chocolate  diamonds, which ranges from C1 to C7. C1 to C2 are a light champagne, C3 to C4 are medium chocolate diamonds, C5 to C6 are dark chocolate diamonds, and C7 is considered “Dark Chocolate.’


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