Recognition of a Job Well Done…and Still Doing!

Recognition of a Job Well Done…and Still Doing!

People go into business for a number of reasons, in our case, Rob and I wanted to create a lifestyle for our family and in doing so, we wanted to leave a legacy.

In order to build a business you can leave to your children and hopefully their children, and so on through the generations, it must be an extension of who the founders are. Because if it isn’t authentic, it won’t last.

A family of Master Jewellers

L to R: Daniel Cliff, Robert Cliff, Sue Cliff & James Cliff

Rob & I are still as passionate about jewellery, and as excited to serve people, as we were the day we opened the doors to or very first premises. And we’d like to think it shows to our sons, our staff and most importantly, our valued customers. It must be evident to at least one person, because for the second year in a row, RCMJ has been nominated in the Australian Small Business Champion Awards, only this year, we’re delighted to announce that we are a Finalist!

Being recognised for the job we do and the contribution we make to the broader community is rewarding indeed and, on behalf of the Cliff family, I would like to thank our incredible staff, customers and stakeholders; for without your invaluable contribution, jointly and severally, we wouldn’t even be recognised for awards such as this, let alone named as a finalist.

The nomination serves to remind us all, that we are doing something right, but equally, that we must never rest on our laurels and instead, continue to seek to improve every day. Rest assured, we do, and we will.

To the person who nominated us – a heartfelt thank you. Your act of kind recognition means so much to everyone at, and associated with, RCMJ.

Happiness to all,
Sue Cliff

Robert Cliff Master Jewellers

Robert Cliff Master Jewellers

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