Valuations & Appraisals

Valuations & Appraisals

Jewellery Valuations & AppraisalsRobert Cliff Master Jewellers consulting offers a complete appraisal, valuation & advisory service for all their Jewellery.  We are experts in all aspects of: jewellery, diamonds, coloured stones and precious metals and can give experienced and informed advice.

We are:

  • • Registered Valuers
  • • A Fellow of the Gemmological Association of Australia
  • • A member of J.A.T.V.C (Australia’s diamond & jewellery marketplace)

Valuation and appraisals are conducted by appointment only.

Robert Cliff Master Jewellers provides:

Jewellery Appraisals
Diamond Certificates
Gemstone Identification
Gemological Advice
Insurance Advice
Specialised valuations


Your jewellery is valued on site and does not leave the showroom!

Each valuation comes with a complete description of your item(s) and is presented in a beautiful booklet for safe-keeping.


$20 for your first item and an additional $5 for every item thereafter plus 1.5% of the total value of your items. The minimum fee is $77.

Pricing Example

If your 2 items are worth $10,000

  • 1st item $20
  • 2nd item $5
  • plus 1.5%
  • Charge = $175


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