Top Jewellery Gifts for Men

Top Jewellery Gifts for Men

Here is some advice from the Master himself on the top Jewellery gifts for men!

The Watch

– here a whole world can be opened up for the giver! Sports style Watch is the most popular gift. Men these days tend to have many watches to suit all the different requirements in their life. However, every man must have or wants a Dress Watch, one he is proud to wear, and one that says who HE really is! Gold is mostly worn for formal and a black face being most popular. Stainless steel has certainly come into its own. Start with a good Brand name – men are far more Brand conscious than they admit to! Analog (the more traditional style with hands on the face) is by far the more popular now rather than, as a few years ago the digital reigned.

The Wedding Ring

– this can be the most important Jewellery Gift a man ever receives! Much more than a gift, it symbolizes all your love and future together. Platinum two-tone is extremely popular and often inlaid stone set with a beautiful Diamond. A bit of advice here, Men are generally very hard on their Wedding Rings, as they are rarely taken off, so choose carefully the design, robust and not too complicated. If your man must take his ring off for business (eg. Builders) purchase a beautiful matching chain through which he can thread his Wedding ring when not on his finger.

Men’s Chains

– Simple or elaborate, depending on the personality of the receiver. Traditionally made from gold, now often fashioned from Titanium or Tungsten. Ensure the clasp is strong, as these chains are generally much heavier. There is a chain for every man, and every man should have a beautiful Chain.

Men’s Pendants

– always a popular gift and dating back to earlier times when crosses were worn for religious significance. Today, Crosses are still one of the most sought after types of pendants for men. Other than Crosses, pendants fashioned as good luck symbols or star signs and out of stainless steel or white gold are most popular.


– a great gift for any occasion. Suits all budgets and a gift that will last a lifetime. Nothing smarter than a man wearing cufflinks/ cuffs buttoned – screams style! Modern trends are gold, titanium and stainless steel and stone set with a diamond or another precious stone. Stone set Cufflinks add that touch of class. Designs should be simple, easier to wear.

Men’s Earrings

– the stigma of Men wearing Jewellery has finally worn off and is now more common. Age is no barrier – a fashion for all ages. As with most items in Men’s Jewellery, Earrings are now made from the more durable materials such as titanium, but classic gold is still popular and timeless with the Diamond Stud the most popular of all.

Men’s Bracelets

– often a Gift of a ring is a bit too personal or one does not want to indicate a level of commitment. Strength is again an important factor – Titanium & Tungsten the most popular with inlays of leather, or either/or pink, white or yellow gold. They range from very plain to quite ornate. This is the most bought gift by men for themselves, other than a watch.

Promise Rings

– a commitment to marry. Dating back to the sixteenth century, given in situations where the groom could not afford to get married so he would give a promise ring. These days they are seen as a pre-engagement ring and have become VERY popular. These are worn on the right hand and then changed to the left as relationships grow to a deeper level of commitment.

Engagement Rings

– relatively new concept but gaining popularity fast. This is generally chosen together. Men’s hands are generally larger and therefore suite the heavier, stronger new materials. Most popular are Titanium rings, as are black titanium and often stone set with at least one of the same stones in the ladies Engagement Ring. These should be specially designed and handcrafted as they are generally a gent’s version of the ladies Engagement Ring.

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