The Facts on Gifts for Women…..and a little bit of advice!

The Facts on Gifts for Women…..and a little bit of advice!


Diamond Earrings

– always a beautiful gift, ready for any occasion. Generally, the hero of the style is a central Diamond or a cluster for the big effect if on a budget. Drop Earrings are for the elegant look (perhaps after 5) with Stud Earrings generally being worn more consistently, day or night!

Diamond Pendant

– a classic and elegant gift and a must for every woman’s jewellery collection. These often match Earrings and are a great gift to have ready for the next birthday or Anniversary. Again, the hero is the Diamond, often accompanied by other coloured precious gemstones to enhance the design or for that special colour.

Diamond Bracelet

– Worn alone, for affect, often these days worn with a watch on the left wrist. The Diamond Bracelet truly says it all, she will feel like a million dollars, every woman wants to be able to say “Oh, yes, he gave me a Diamond Bracelet”. The perfect Gift, I promise.


– the options here are endless, which is perhaps why this is a very popular gift. Settings are more popular in white gold, (gemstones more often than not) with either white or yellow gold being the hero of the design. A chain is a must when giving a Pendant, and choosing the chain that suits the Pendant is a big decision – ask for help here, your Jeweller should know which best suits the Pendant!

Engagement Ring

– almost always the Diamond, solitaire, quality and size being the most common factors, surrounded or enhanced by smaller diamonds and generally set in white gold. The style is a woman’s choice – however, a trend that is emerging is Vintage, retro, which I love, as I can let my imagination go when I design something that has real style and craftsmanship. Best to have this gift designed and handcrafted – as next to a house and car, the most expensive gift you will give and it must be right!


– a beautiful and traditional gift for a very special occasion. Hero is generally a Diamond or diamonds with more often than not at least another coloured gemstone. This usually depends on their favourite gemstone or colour, and often a birthstone.

  • Anniversary or Eternity Ring – the ring given now as an appreciation and continuing commitment of love, it was originally given on the first Wedding Anniversary.


– a watch is a very common gift for a woman, my advice; unless you are giving sports watch, ensure it has Diamonds set in it, somewhere! Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! White or yellow gold and colour of the face is just a preference, but for a woman, the Diamonds are a must!

The Locket

– if you want to give a gift that you can have an inscription engraved on etc., this is a great idea. Often becomes a “keepsake” for years to come and is rarely taken off. Mostly given in yellow gold, however, white gold is now on the rise.


– Classic Hoop Earrings are a necessity for all women, white or yellow gold, big or small, a very versatile gift and for any budget! Easy!


– a great summer gift, and the more they are worn the better they look. The gift of Pearl symbolizes love, happiness and even success for the wearer! Our Broome Pearls are some of the best in the world and I love them! Stud Earrings, most popular, Studs Earrings with the Pearl the hero surrounded by Diamonds – gorgeous! There is almost nothing more gorgeous than the lustre of a good quality strand of pearls, so traditional, so classic and very much the retro trend in gifts.