Shannon Simon

Shannon Simon

shannon simon, special orders supervisor, Robert Cliff Master Jewellers

Shannon Simon is Robert Cliff Master Jeweller’s Special Orders Supervisor. She started working at RCMJ since 2014 after a working in other jewellery stores as a Sales Assistant .

Shannon was always more interested in what the jewellery was made of, how it was crafted and the stones that were use. When the Special Orders Supervisor position became available, Shannon was the perfect fit!


Currently studying Gemmology, Shannon is finding the course very interesting as she loves learning about gemstones, and this course will assist her in growing within RCMJ.

Shannon definitely wants to stay in the jewellery industry as she has already learnt a lot in the past two years, and is interested to see how much more she can learn throughout her career!

Shannon’s favourite part of her job is selecting and handling stones, and never loses her excitement for examining them when they arrive, and seeing the beautiful custom designed jewellery they are crafted into.

Background Information About Shannon:

  • Born in Brisbane then moved to Sydney with her family when she was a few weeks old.
  • Grew up as a local kid in castle Hill.
  • Shannon followed her passion for drawing by studying graphic design at uni. Despite not using the qualification, she still loves drawing and doodles in her free time.


Shannon’s Diamond Advice:

‘When looking at buying a diamond, I would suggest you do your own background research on colour, clarity etc., and ask a lot of questions. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. There is no such thing as a good quality diamond at bargain basement price like you might see online. Be careful!’

‘We’ve encountered people who have been ripped off online trying to find a cheap diamond and ending up with a synthetic, or with a stone of much lower quality than advertised – and paid for?!’


Consider RCMJ’s Special Orders Supervisor’s advice when purchasing diamonds and gemstones to ensue that you purchase a high quality product at an appropriate price.


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