Noelene Brown

Noelene Brown

Noelene Brown, employee, Robert Cliff Master Jeweller Showroom

At Robert Cliff Master Jewellers, we are thankful for all our hardworking staff that dedicate their time to our business and clients. Noelene Brown in particular has devoted sixteen years to the showroom, and we are extremely grateful for her welcoming nature and passion for creating loyal relationships with clients, over the years.

Noelene commenced her career with us knowing little about jewellery except that she loved it and we are very fortunate that she turned her love for jewellery into developing a career with us. She is a very loyal and hardworking employee who is driven towards excelling business and client satisfaction.

Noelene’s trustworthy nature is demonstrated through her career journey with a total of four jobs including her employment at Robert Cliff Master Jewellers in May 2000. After sixteen years of working in the showroom and being a part of Daniel and James life since they were early teenagers, we consider Noelene as family. Not only has she seen the local store grow into a successful jewellery business, Noelene has greatly contributed to the success over the years. From offering a welcoming smile to all new clients who walk into our Castle Hill store, to remembering existing clients names and conversations, she is a true asset to Robert Cliff Master Jewellers.


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