Nathan Kiddle

Nathan Kiddle

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Nathan was born in Cherrybrook and grew up in The Hills District. Went to Kings Langley Public and John Purchase Public. Then Cherrybrook Tech. High. Finished year 12 then joined family business (Limbergers) as an apprentice jeweller. Nathan’s whole family was involved in jewellery trade – his grandfather is a watchmaker.

Nathan met his beautiful wife, Hana at school and was married in 2010. Together they have 2 girls, Charlotte and Asher 5 and 3. The girls love all their jewellery and gemstones they receive from Nathan of course.



Studied 3 years at Enmore design centre. Cert 3 jewellery trade. Finished apprenticeship in 2004.

Studied 2 years at gemmology house.

Cert 4 gemmology finished 2005.

Diamond grading course in 2006.

In the trade 15 years now.


Quick Questions With Nathan

Favourite gem – fine blue Australian Sapphire

Favourite metal – platinum so easy and beautiful to work with

Favourite tools – files, I love new files

Best part of my job – making beautiful pieces that people will cherish for generations (hopefully)

Worst part – the state of my hands at the end of the day

Best tip – always take off your jewellery when doing rough work like gardening or cleaning.

Work is 50/50 between repairs and handmade.  I enjoy doing both

Jewellery groups – young jewellers group

My Bench is always — busy.


‘I came to RCMJ because they are a great, amazing, honest and beautiful family business which matches my values perfectly. It’s a great environment to produce beautiful jewellery.’  – Nathan Kiddle


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