Donna Burgess

Donna Burgess

Donna Burgess, Robert Cliff Master Jewellers Showroom Retail Castle Hill Castle Towers JewelleryGet to know Donna:

– Married to my husband Ray for 26 years who was here on a holiday from England back in 1988 never to return marrying me
– I have two children boy & girl
– I commenced my time with RCMJ 18 months ago
– Previous career to RCMJ I was a Beauty Therapist for the past 35 years.
– The last 10 years I had been working in Castle Hill as A beauty therapist so knowing some of the RCMJ customers
– Previous to that I had worked on the Northern Beaches for 18 years, in varied roles From Beauty therapy to teaching beauty therapy
– Loving all things beautiful it was only fitting that at the end of my career as a Beauty Therapist that I sought to still be amongst all things BEAUTIFUL!! Jewellery……

Since joining RCMJ Donna has warmed herself to our clients with her wonderful smile & personality!


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