Robert Cliff On Studio 10

Robert Cliff On Studio 10

Thanks to Channel 10 for having Robert Cliff on Studio10 this morning to share his insights into the valuing of jewellery. There was a lot of info shared in valuing some of the audience’s prize possessions, and many laughs with hosts, Jessica Rowe, Sarah Harris and Denise Drysdale.



Fun Fact: The Young girl that took Robert into the studio and assisted him in attaching his microphone was a local to Robert Cliff Master Jewellers from Glenhaven!

To ensure your treasures are valued carefully follow Robert Cliff’s checklist:

The Valuer must be:

– A member of the National Council of Jewellery Valuers
– A registered qualified Gemologist
– A member of the Jewellers Association of Australia
– A trusted Professional Jeweller

The Valuation must include:

– A detailed written descriptions of each item
– A detailed written description of diamonds
– Diamond Certificates if available
– The condition of each item
– The value of each item
– Visual images of each item
– Any hallmarking/marks/damage
– The gold price at time of Valuing
– The US price at time of Valuing

Robert Cliff Master Jewellers

Robert Cliff Master Jewellers

Typically replies within an hour

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