Cufflinks To Match Your Dad’s Personality

Cufflinks To Match Your Dad’s Personality

What do you usually buy your dad for Father’s Day? Gardening equipment, vouchers to handy-man stores, sporting equipment or do you buy dad new clothes to get him out of his old favourite shirt and try something that’s more in fashion? What about gifting dad with something that is practical, lasts a lifetime and is aesthetically pleasing?

Cufflinks are the ultimate jewellery piece of any man’s wardrobe! This small detail is a great way to add flair, class or personality to an outfit.

Cufflinks are a staple to male business attire and are a popular addition to evening and formal outfits. These jewellery pieces are an alternative to buttons and add character to your outfit through the different shapes, sizes and materials.


What cufflink style would most suit your dad’s style?

Mens Accessories Robert Cliff Master Jewellers Castle Hill Sydney, Black Stainless Steel cufflinkSporty Dad:

A sporty dad loves being outdoors, trying new activities and wrestling with his kids. His is outgoing, confident and a hard worker in all aspects of life.

This black agate gemstone is perfect for the sporty dad as it is believed to bring prosperity, courage and victory to athletes. With the easy to use whale back closure, there is no fiddling needed to take the cufflinks on and off.

These jewellery pieces are crafted from stainless steel, making them durable and resilient to wear and ageing. Covered in rose gold plating, the cufflinks are sure to add flair to any shirt – but maybe not a sports jersey!



Men's Accessories, Robert Cliff Master Jewellers Castle Hill Sydney, Black gemstone Rose Gold cufflinksCorporate Dad:

Keep your dad in style between 9 and 5 with simple sphere shaped cufflinks. Handmade from stainless steel, these jewellery pieces are highly durable for daily wear. The 18ct rose gold plating makes this style perfect for the dad who has to transition between work and evening events.

With the ball return closure, dad can be stylish and comfortable all day with the simple to put on, looser fitting closure and more appealing backing than traditional cufflinks.

The jasper gemstone it thought to bring good luck to all who wears it, making it a perfect token of your support for dad.




Men's Accessories, Robert Cliff aster Jewellers Castle Hill Sydney, Leather Black Stainless Steel CufflinksHandyman Dad:

You might have never seen a handyman dad wear a cuffed shirt. But when you do, he is dressed fashionably well, and the whale back closure makes putting on the cufflinks easier than doing up cuff buttons!

These stainless steel cufflinks are extremely durable to accidental knocks against tables. With a circle shaped face and the polished steel finish, this piece of jewellery is timeless for any occasion.

The black alligator leather feature is one of the most recognised exotic leathers in the world, adding a touch of ‘manliness’ to the practical cufflink.

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