“Marry Me” In May

“Marry Me” In May

If I were to ask you which month was the most popular in Australia to get married, what would you answer?  Don’t panic, I can’t hear your answers so you don’t need to be embarrassed if you get it wrong.

I will give you a clue; in 1990 September was the most popular month to be married and it has only moved slightly…did you now say “October Sue”?  If you did, give yourself a pat on the back.  If you didn’t, you’ve learnt something new.

The weather is regarded as being at its very best at this time right across this great country of ours and resultantly, more and more couples are tying the knot and turbo-charging the economy in October.

But when are people popping the question?

There is of course, no right or wrong time though there are certain occasions and dates, such as the anniversary of when a couple started dating, birthdays, Christmas and New Year’s Eve of course, that heighten the sense of romance and encourages people to “secure” their loved ones by becoming betrothed; but does any one month stand out as the month to propose?

After more than 30 years in business you’d think I might have a handle on this.  We have sold thousands of engagement rings in that time, but has there been a trend, a month that stood out above and beyond the others?  No there hasn’t.

There are around 120,000 weddings each year in this country, and given we only have twelve months in our calendar, it’s fair to say that marriage proposals are fairly evenly distributed outside December.

Some people I have talked to on the subject believe that the cooler months are more conducive to engagements because people are a little more ‘amorous’.  I’m not so sure.  It depends how cold it is!  In any case, there is no hard data – pardon the pun! – to indicate any one month stands out…so…Robert Cliff Master Jewellers is making a proposal of its own.  We want people to say “marry me” in May and we’re prepared to incentivize you to make it happen.

Come and buy an engagement ring from us, and we’ll give you 15% off your wedding rings. But please note, that our ‘Marry Me in May’ offer will conclude at the end of the month.

We can’t think of a better month to encourage and promote marriage, because May is the month named in honour of the Greek goddess Maia, identified with the Roman goddess Bona Dea, who is the goddess of fertility.  Additionally, May’s birthstone is the emerald, the symbol of love and success – so why wouldn’t you want to propose in May?!

This is the month to come on in and pick that engagement ring; there’s literally no better time to propose!