Make a Personal Statement!

Make a Personal Statement!

We pride ourselves on being different. We don’t simply sell jewellery, we help people create statements about who they are, and that’s why we were both flattered and excited to be invited by one of Australia’s foremost bridal couturiers Diane Lewis, to be her jewellery partner at the inaugural Australian Bridal Fashion Week held over the June long weekend.

Jewellery makes a statement! It enhances any wedding gown, from the simplest design, to that adorned in the most embellished French lace, a bride needs to wear something other than her dress!

We provided Diane with some amazing pieces to compliment her stunning gowns and her brief was simply; ‘give me pieces that make a statement.’ No problem there Di, that’s what we do.

ABFW represents our foray into the world of high-end bridal fashion. Aside from Diane, couturiers of considerable renown and profile like Johanna Johnson, Samantha Wills, Akira Isogawa and Leah Da Gloria showcased new collections to the media, brides and bridal gown retailers across the three-day-event.

Befittingly (pun intended!) of an event of this caliber, the organizer ensured attendees were spoilt. Champagne and whiskey bars, incredible catering and a pamper room, kept the smiles from ear to ear in and around the incredible fashion parades.

It was fun and we were very happy to be a part of it. Our product was shown to international as well as local buyers along with the designers’ dresses and other merchants offering shoes and accessories. It was a collaborative celebration of the amazing creative talent we have in this country.

Australian Technology Park provided the perfect aesthetic for an exaltation of vision, daring, style and creativity that made us proud to be an Australian company whose own sense of adventure, fun, elegance and class was right at home amongst some sublimely talented people. It showed what can be done, when businesses work together for the betterment of an industry.

Sure there were some teething problems, but it was the first year, and all in all, ABFW has stamped itself as a showcase that brings some of the leading talent in the world of bridal fashion together, in a forum that gives brides the chance to access designers and merchants on site.

Our jewellery looked amazing on the 40m runway with one female attendee remarking that you could see the diamonds in one of our necklaces “from the moon!” It made a statement. And that’s exactly what each of the designers was there to do. Make a statement. They took a leap of faith to be involved because just like us, they want people to know who they are and what they’re about.

Former Editor-in-Chief of American ‘Vogue’ Anna Wintour OBE once said; “It’s very important to take risks. I think that research is important, but in the end you have to work from your instinct and feeling and take those risks and be fearless. When I hear a company is being run by a team my heart sinks, because you need to have a leader with vision and heart that can move things forward.”

There were a lot of leaders at ABFW with vision, and heart, and talent, whom collectively, are moving the bridal fashion industry forward. We’re humbled and excited to have played a part and look forward to helping both designers, brides and members of the public make statements about who they are, for many years to come.

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