Emerald Envy

Emerald Envy

Emerald envy – the jewellery trend that will leave you green eyed – is set to persist into 2019, as this gem of a rock continues to make stunning appearances at events for the rich and famous. Some star pieces attended the recent Golden Globes including an extravagant emerald ring, previously seen on screen in Crazy Rich Asians, accompanied by actress Michelle Yeoh. A pair of 34.8 carat emerald and diamond earrings, accessorised by Saoirse Ronan, also attended the event. At the 2018 Vanity Fair Oscar Party,
a colossal 300-carat cabochon emerald necklace rocked up on the slender neck of Naomi Campbell and the Greville Emerald Kokoshnik tiara sparkled brilliantly on Princess Eugenies wedding day, having been given permission to attend from the Queen.

Twenty times rarer than diamonds, good emeralds are difficult to find. The best are a deep rich green; the deeper the colour and purity the greater the worth. Emeralds tend to have numerous ‘inclusions’ or
imperfections. Whilst the appearance of these fine factures and fissures may be overcome with a process called oiling, be aware that this ‘fix’ is not permanent. Their rarity means good emeralds can be expensive, but if you want to go green take heart. About 55 years ago French scientist Pierre Gilson developed cultured emeralds. Grown in the laboratory, these gems possess the identical chemical makeup and physical properties of natural emeralds – without the flaws – at a fraction of the cost of their
naturally occurring twin.

When it comes to settings, this jewel of a gem looks great set in yellow gold. Whilst white gold is currently more common, including some yellow gold in the setting, perhaps yellow gold claws, creates a timeless and versatile piece that can be accompanied by other pieces either in white or yellow gold.

Green is the colour of nature and growth, and with their lush and verdant allure, emeralds have adorned, some celebrated beauties. A favourite of Cleopatra, beloved by Elizabeth Taylor and the centrepiece of Jackie Kennedy’s engagement ring, the emerald is for grown up girls, for the woman who knows her own worth. When it comes to gem trends in 2019, the future is looking green.