Diamonds are a Great Investment

Diamonds are a Great Investment

“In times of uncertainty, putting money into a tangible investment like jewellery is a good idea. According to Susan Cliff of Robert Cliff Master Jewellers, diamonds are, indeed, “a woman’s best friend”.

“Certificated diamonds are a good long term investment. Top quality diamonds are in demand; hence, the price has risen dramatically. Diamonds are all about supply and demand,” claims Susan. “Gold is also a great investment. It’s at the highest price it has ever been at the moment. It has remained at a steady price for years; however, in the past 12 months it has sky-rocketed and there is no sign of it going down.”

“My husband, Robert is always commenting on how shocked people would be if they realized just how much gold, and certainly in dollar value, that they are actually sitting on in the back of their jewellery drawers. Instead, they could bring in their pieces and turn them into something that will be worn and enjoyed whilst increasing in value.

“Think of it like trading in a car or upgrading your home. You can trade back your diamonds, too, into larger ones. When you trade in your gold, we’ll test and value it free of charge to determine the market value at the time you come in and then take it off the price of a beautiful new design.

“As for those pieces that are stone set, Robert will design you something new utilising what you’ve got and if you want, add more stones. He will actually do a sketch for you of what the piece can look like once finished. In fact, people often frame his sketches. This kind of skill and service is hard to find these days. The art of jewellery making is disappearing,” Susan claims.

“Robert actually consults the client, asking them about their preferences and how they intend to use the new piece. Then he’ll present them with a few options designed from scratch. That’s the difference between a Master Jeweller like Robert and ordinary retailers. The Master Craftsman is irreplaceable. He is an artist.” Susan claims.

“A favourite strategy of people is to have their old gold pieces melted down and made into solid gold bangles to be worn and enjoyed while becoming a great heirloom.

“The turnaround time depends on the complexity of the project. The normal time to complete the commission is 2-3 weeks. The credit you receive when you trade in a piece depends on the weight of the gold, if it’s 9ct, 14ct, l8ct,or 24ct.”

Trends in jewellery change as well. “People are more discerning and want quality now. Years ago you couldn’t give pink diamonds away. Now they’re the rage. They’ve gone through the roof. Argyle, the Australian mining company, is planning to mine underground and whilst they change over to this, there will be no supply. Hence, prices have risen and will go on doing so. Black diamonds are quite popular now too. They go well with traditional white ones. Other less popular colours include yellow and cognac (brown).

“To be sure about your investment you need to go to a registered gemologist. Cheap lower quality diamonds from overseas easily fool people. Trust is paramount. You have to trust who you’re dealing with in this business. That’s why people come to Robert. He’s been 40 years in the trade, 25 years in his own business, and has been at our present location in Castle Towers, Castle Hill, for over 9 years.”

“Good quality white diamonds are rare and can command a high price. There is no sign of diamonds going down. They truly are forever. Remember, they did take thousands of years to form and are an heirloom in most families.”

If you want your jewellery valued to tradein, Robert will examine and test it for free. Once you have your new piece, you can then come in yearly and he’ll do a free appraisal to keep you up-to-date on your investment’s value.

The time it takes to assess depends on the complexity of the pieces. As Robert is also a gemologist, he is able to acquire the help of other specialists when people bring in exotic pieces like jade, antiques, etc., that are more difficult in their uniqueness to assess.

“A $20,000 diamond can be the size of the end of your pen, so you have to be sure that what you are investing in is truly of value.”

Susan Advises
“Most people don’t know the value of what’s sitting in their drawers. Maybe it’s time to pull out the pieces from Grandma and find out their value. Then why not have them made into something you would want to wear?” Sounds like a win-win proposition.

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