Celebrating 30 Years In Business

Celebrating 30 Years In Business

A number of significant things happened thirty years ago. Apple released its first personal computer, Prince Harry was born, and Sir Elton John got married….to a woman! But to all of us at RCMJ, the most important event to occur all those years ago, yes even more than the invention of ‘Tetris’ and the marriage of Olivia Newton-John to Matt Lattanzi, was that my husband Robert Cliff, started his own handmade jewellery business!

30 years in business is a long time. As a wife and mother, I am extremely proud of Robert, and our twin sons Daniel and James, who have joined us in the business. I am excited for the future of our company because the twins have the same passion and dedication that their father does, in fact, I see many similarities at the same age.

Sadly many small businesses don’t make it to the end of their fifth year, so we must be doing something right. Passion and dedication are the cornerstones of our company, but I believe the reason RCMJ has lasted this long is because we genuinely delight in what we do. We don’t see ourselves as jewellers, so much as we are; purveyors of happiness. We help people celebrate and acknowledge one other – it just so happens that we do it by making beautiful handmade jewellery.

A diamond is a diamond and 24 carat gold is 24 carat gold, in our showroom or any other. What separates us from other jewellers, is our commitment to helping customers purchase the most perfect item, whether for themselves or someone else. It isn’t about what we like, it’s about the suitability of the gift for the recipient. We listen intently to the wishes of our customers, because we care greatly, and want them to become part of the growing RCMJ family.

We have aspirations for our sons and hope that they too will one day discuss succession planning with their kids. I’m not sure Robert would have believed it, if someone told him the very first day he started on his own that he’d be working with twin sons in a very successful business thirty years later? Or maybe he would, because Robert is a dreamer. He celebrates life in such a positive and infectious manner that you cant help but be optimistic about things. I love him for it. And I see a lot of him in our boys.

So, can I see RCMJ being around in another thirty years? Absolutely! I’m not sure that Robert and I will be, but I am convinced that the family business will.

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