Are You Safe to Buy Diamonds Online?

Are You Safe to Buy Diamonds Online?

The growth of purchasing over the internet can’t be denied, and should not be ignored as an option.  It can be convenient, it can be the source of a good price, and it can allow you time to reflect without any pressure.  Although it may seem a risky endeavour, buying over the internet can be safe, you must do your due diligence however, be well informed and most importantly, have a trusted professional third party – the most important part to guarantee your success.

When I began in business, nearly 40 years ago, only the quite very rich could afford to buy the big Diamonds; times have changed and many realize their ‘want’ and are quite prepared to invest in a magnificent stone.
Searching for your stone on-line is convenient; it is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  You can browse around in your swimmers or in your PJ’s, and in the comfort of your home if you want.  There are literally millions of Diamonds available to purchase on-line, all apparent qualities, sizes, clarities, cuts and colours with various ‘Certificates’ of guarantee.  Of course there will always be shonky dealers who are looking to rip you of and yes, there can be a good chance of this.
 Yes, it will be confusing and daunting; however, there five tips that you should follow that can reduce your chance of being defrauded and ensure you acquire what you really want.
Tip 1:
Research what it is you are going to buy. I am sure you know all about the 4 C’s (Carat, Cut, Colour, and Clarity). Carat – the weight, Cut – the shape, Colour – how much colour or tint in the stone (white stones are actually colourless and the most prized) and Clarity – the amount of blemishes or internal markings. However, the proportions of the stone need to be taken into account, as it can determine how much your stone will sparkle.
Tip 2:
This is a very subjective area and can be the area in which you will find your most confusion and mistrust.  There is a standard pricing guide, Rapport Price List, used by all buyers of diamonds.  This is not available, as a rule, to the general public.  If you do manage to acquire this Report, any diamonds that are available cheaper than the guide are not necessarily a good buy, and likewise for any available that are more expensive may actually be much better as they have other characteristics.  Remember, every Diamond is unique!
Tip 3:
Ensure the company from which you choose to purchase your diamond from is reputable.  Just like all businesses that are good and bad:  keep to the well known sites, look for years in the business,  information on their home page & history, contact availability (telephone numbers), feedback from other purchasers, a good, clear unconditional return policy and purchasing options that are secure, safe and well known.  Ensure they can guarantee that your Diamond is ‘Conflict Free’.  The Kimberley Process Certification Scheme requires all rough diamonds to be accompanied by a certificate, there are 75 countries represented, thus, when the cutting process is undertaken, we, as purchases of a cut stone are ensured a legitimate trade in diamonds. Diamonds from Liberia or Cote de Ivoire (West Africa) say their stones are conflict free; however, this is a false label.
Tip 4 – the most important tip of all:
A good reputable company will be quite happy, and this is the most important tip I can offer you, to ship your choice to a third party for you to view before purchasing. This may incur a small feel, but for peace of mind it will be well spent.  Your third party must be a Certified Professional Diamond Valuer, someone you trust.  Here your third party can do a basic appraisal for you so you are assured you are acquiring what has been offered to you.  You look, feel the romance of the stone and, if you are happy, all you then need to do is contact the seller, pay and have them release the stone to you from your trusted third party.  If the company you are dealing with is not comfortable with sending your stone to your reputable, professional third party so you can view before you pay, my advice is – keep clear!
Tip 5:
If you are to keep your stone as an investment, ensure you have firstly insured it and then secondly, it is boxed securely and professionally and then have it kept/stored in a very safe and secure place.
If your intention is to have it set, do so immediately, this may be a very expensive purchase, but its cost has nothing to do with its size.  Small items are easily lost!
All diamonds are meant to be worn, viewed, admired, they are a beautiful natural adornment – ensure you are able to enjoy yours and that it is admired by all, as it should be.

Change is a wonderful thing, it is a natural evolution, don’t be frightened.  Like all good things worth having, ensure you make educated decisions, have choices and seek professional support.