About Us

What’s in the heart of a jeweller?

Go behind the scenes as we hear from one of our master jewellers
and the next generation in the Robert Cliff Master Jewellers legacy.

Our Vision

We reward, acknowledge and celebrate people through what we do. We are purveyors of joy, makers of moments and celebrators of life.

The Cliff family’s passion is expressed in everything it creates. Spanning four decades, Robert Cliff’s designs fuse classic elegance with modern inspiration, creating some of the most highly regarded and exquisite handmade jewellery.

The Cliff Legacy

Young Robert Cliff, was introduced to the wonderful world of jewellery by a family friend some 40 years ago and was immediately hooked; “I loved the preciseness of making jewellery and the great dexterity and patience that was required” Robert enthuses. “I was fascinated by the idea of being able to mould, bend and transform an ordinary piece of metal into a fabulous design that could be enhanced with diamonds.”

Realising this was to be his future, Robert went to work for a master craftsman and spent six years learning everything he could from his artisan mentor.

Now a master craftsman himself, he has passed his knowledge on to his twin sons, James and Daniel, who both work with their father.

Robert Cliff Master Jewellers opened its doors in 1984 and Robert, who is still involved in the business, along with wife Sue, are excited at the prospect of one day handing the reins to Daniel and James who will no doubt (if their conduct to date is anything to go by) proudly carry on the family’s commitment to creativity, expert craftsmanship and customer care, with the same passion and energy their parents demonstrate every day. The apple, or apples in this case, have not fallen far from the tree.

Robert’s passion for his craft, his honest and friendly manner and tireless commitment to ensuring his customers are happy has helped instill many steadfast and important values in his sons, and in doing so, has created a family legacy that will last for at least another 30 years!

Our Mission Statement

We really love what we do. Producing the very best handmade jewellery and delivering it with friendly service and an uncompromising commitment to after-sales-care fills us with joy! We’ve been doing it for more than thirty years and hope to be doing it for a hundred more. We strive to make people smile, from our valued customers and beloved staff, to the various communities and charities we serve and support.